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info [19 Apr 2019|11:24am]
- 25+ Female. 18 or older please to write against
- EST. Work from 7a-5p M-F.
- Het & Slash
- Threads, customs, Google Docs,
- Celeb/PB/Fandom
- Third person, storybook style. Quality over Quantity.
- Kinks: NOs: Golden Showers & Scat YES: Up to anything, if I'm not comfortable. I'll let you know, but as long as it's not overly done. I'm all for it.

[13 Jul 2018|10:42am]
Friends Only

I'm afraid that the visit of a such distinguished critic may cause my children to become conceited. To you they are wax, but to me their creator, they live and breathe. -Prof Jared (VP) HoW

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